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Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Look Back

I am finally getting over this cold that I have had for the past few weeks! It is about time since I was planning on having some fun tonight sick or healthy! Before I get my game face on though, I wanted to reflect back on the past year.  For me, 2011 was a very important year because I finally felt like I found my place in the world so to speak.  I began graduate school and was soon able to learn how to utilize my strengths and interests and put them into a career - study abroad.  I absolutely love working in a study abroad office and helping other students experience the things that I have seen and been through while abroad.  That is definitely a wonderful feeling!

As for blogging, I realized this past year how much I enjoy it! When I initially started this blog I did not think much about it and did not take it too seriously.  However, I have "met" so many wonderful people and have learned so many new cooking and baking techniques! I've even learned to improve my photography a little bit.  Unfortunately, I only had a point and shoot camera so there was only so much I could do.  Fortunately though, Santa (or my wonderful boyfriend, David) answered my letters and brought me a BRAND NEW CAMERA FOR CHRISTMAS!!! I finally have a real camera to use!! Now the trick is going to be learning how to use the thing! :)

Now, I have never really been one to make New Year's resolutions, but for 2012, I do hope to continue to blog even more, learn how to properly use my camera, and to do the things that are important to me, such as learning French! As a Christmas gift to myself I purchased Rosetta Stone so we'll see how that goes.... With that being said, I just wanted to share some of my personal favorite posts from the past year.  Although not all of them may have been fan favorites, I really enjoyed making and eating them!

January 2011 - Crème Brûlée

February 2011 - Traditional Irish Soda Bread

March 2011 - Coconut Madeleine's

April 2011 - Bahama Mama!

May 2011 - Blueberry Pie

June 2011 - Horchata

July 2011 - Butterbeer

August 2011 - Rhubarb Crumble with Creme Anglaise

September 2011 - Heath Bar Toffee Dip

October 2011 - Pumpkin Waffles

November 2011 - Pasta e Fagioli

December 2011 - Pizzelle

I hope you all enjoyed these posts as much as I did, and I wish you all a wonderful and happy New Year! I'll see you in 2012 and will hopefully be able to work my new camera by then!! :)

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  1. Yay for new cameras! I've had mine for about a month and I love it! So great to "meet" you this year. Cheers to 2012! :)

  2. You'll love your new Canon! I'm still figuring mine out :) Great month by month blog favorites...I remember when you went to the Bahamas. Wishing you a happy new year...it's been a pleasure getting to know you and your wonderful blog this year!

  3. That camera really was a great gift, I am sure you will make very good use of it. I like your recap here, it does show that you have talent in a variety of different foods. Glad that we are blogger friends and Happy New year!

  4. How fun to have a new camera to play with! I've saved your soda bread recipe. My daughter and I tried to make it once, and it turned out hard as a rock. Her grandmother hails from Dublin, so she is very proud of her Irish heritage. We'll have to give it another try. Have a fantastic new year!

  5. What a great look back, delicious dishes! Happy New Year!

  6. I just got a new camera too, the exact same one. I have only played with it a little bit. I know it will be a lot of work to learn but I am so impressed with the pictures already. Hope you have fun with yours!

  7. Glad you're feeling better--I am dying to try your rhubarb crumble. Happy new year!

  8. Happy New Year Elyse! What a wonderful look back. You've had so many great posts, it's hard to narrow down the best of the best! Enjoy your new camera! How exciting! I've only had mine for 2 months and am still trying to figure it out, but I enjoy the challenge! All the best to you for the coming year! : )

  9. Happy New Year! And congrats on your new camera! I am jealous! lol!

  10. Happy New Year!
    Looking forward to many more treats...

  11. Santa (my husband) brought me a new camera too! And I have been happily clicking away ever since. Yay for you!!! I can't wait to see more pictures. Your post is wonderful!

  12. I love seeing everyone's 2011 round-up. You've got some awesome dishes here! Best wishes for 2012 and your new camera.