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A Taste of Tradition

We all remember when our love for cooking and baking began.  Whether it was when you were a wee little one helping mom in the kitchen or a twenty-something trying to avoid eating ramen (guilty) everyday at college, we all have that moment when we realized we had a passion for cooking!

For me, that love started when I was a teenager and getting ready to head off to college. I started spending more time in the kitchen with my Nonna (grandmother) to learn how to really cook.  I became fascinated with how she never measured anything, would just threw ingredients into a pot and somehow produce a mouth-watering dish! From watching her, I knew I wanted to encompass her passion and carry-on the dishes that she made oh so well!

A few years ago, when my grandmother asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I responded with "your recipes."  And so began the trial and error of my grandmother and I writing down all of her recipes and quantifying ingredients so that I could share those delicious dishes with others, without causing anxiety by saying "oh, just toss in a little salt here, a sprinkle of parsley there.." and so forth!

The final product: A Taste of Tradition: DiVincenzo Recipes.  In order to honor my Nonna, the "Taste of Tradition" series will feature recipes from our family cookbook that I will post here and under the recipe index. I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I did growing up and still do today!

Recipes (new ones added each week):
Easter Egg Bread
Pasta e Fagioli 
Pasta Goo-Gootz
Zucchini Bread

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