Below are some products that I just cannot live without! Before I had these products, I of course would get by, but over the years I have grown my kitchen supplies and have spoiled myself a bit.  If you really love to cook and bake, then these are just some of my suggestions for supplies that you need to make life easier in the kitchen!

     Cuisinart Food Processor                                                Kitchen Aid Mixer  
     Truly makes life easier!                                                  This is the exact one I 
                                                                                              own, but there are 
                                                                                            cheaper ones available.

   Pizzelle oven. I use this bad                                      Pizza stone! Enough said! :)
   boy every year to make the
    traditional Italian waffle
Pasta machine! Homemade pasta                            Ravioli stamps.  I have them
is actually quite easy to make, but                                  in round and square.  
rolling it out is not.  This machine
has made my life so much easier
and allows me to make pasta all
of the time (which may be bad
for my waistline...)!

I actually had this pizza cutter years                           Immersion blender. This
before I even had a pizza stone!                              blender is very handy when
I love this cutter because you can                           it comes to making soups or
use it for everything - not just pizza!                      pureeing items right in the pot.
                                                                                I often use this for when I am
                                                                              making a special risotto and need 
                                                                                    to puree mushrooms, etc.

Ramekin dishes - perfect for                                       Deep ramekin dishes.  Also
desserts like creme brulee!                                        perfect for desserts like creme
                                                                                       brulee, but also individual
                                                                                    crisps, crumbles, cobblers and

Mixing bowls.  I go through                                   These airbake cookie sheets are
mixing bowls like it is no one's                                 amazing! You do not need to
business! Often times I am                                          use parchment paper or
making several things at once,                                   cooking spray when using
so having this set of bowls is so                                these.  Just plop your baked
useful!                                                                       goods on and you are good to

This juicer is great because it                                    Before I had a zester I never
is still affordable, but it has the                                 thought anything of it.  Now
cup underneath to catch the juice,                              that I have one though, I
unlike some of the hand-held                                       practically always zest
juicers.                                                                        something into my meals!

Often times recipes call for                                       This 4-sided grater is such a
minced garlic, so having this garlic                          handy tool to have! You can
press is very useful since                                             shred, slice, grate, or zest
mincing up garlic yourself                                            practically anything!
can be time-consuming.  



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