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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Top 10 Desserts for Summer!

With the unofficial start of summer and the warm weather coming our way, we all still want to indulge in dessert now and then! But with the heat rising, try one of these "lighter" and more summery dessert recipes! 

The perk of this bad boy is that it can be enjoyed as breakfast too!

With the abundance of fresh blueberries, you'll want to make several of these crumbles! The smell of the bubbling juice will fill your home and comfort you. 

These may look extremely fancy and difficult to make, but guess what? There are only four ingredients! You can literally whip these up in minutes and your guests will think you spent hours slaving in the kitchen!

4.) Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie
An oldie but a goodie! Sometimes you just need a fresh chocolate chip cookie!

This French treat is so light and creamy and also surprisingly easy to make! 

After you make the Blueberry Crumble, take your extra blueberries and whip up this Italian treat.  It has a buttery and flaky crust and delicious blueberry filling that you will devour!

A classic bread that is also great for breakfast and after dinner with some coffee or tea. 

Just like blueberries, rhubarb makes a grand entry in the summer, so stalk up at the store and create this decadent dessert! 

Feel free to swap the apples out with another fruit and dig in and enjoy! Warning: this is always the first thing to go at our cookouts! It can also be served as an appetizer!

For all of you Harry Potter lovers out there, this one is for you! If you like butterscotch and salted caramel flavors, than this cupcake is for you! 

 What is your favorite summer dessert? We hope you indulge and enjoy!

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