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Monday, January 26, 2015

Blizzard Preparedness!

Okay, so the Blizzard of 2015 is officially upon us! I originally had another recipe that I was going to post, but instead, I decided to share a few tips to help you get through the blizzard (or any storm - for those lucky ducks not in New England right now).

Whenever a storm comes through, the markets are INSANE! It is absolute madness! Try to get your shopping done a few days earlier.  And why buy ten gallons of milk? If you lose power, you will have a lot of nasty milk... so please remember to not go crazy! And don't feel that you need to pig out on just cereal or junk food either.  Of course, I love eating those items too; however, I still like to make myself some nice dishes, even if I don't have power! I refuse to let the power win! So don't cave in, you can still eat well, even if it is in the dark!

Here are 5 recipes you can make ahead or make during the storm:

1.) Homemade Granola - this is great! It makes a ton of granola so you can make it ahead of time and then toss it in some yogurt, cereal, or just eat plain!

2.) Mexican Caviar (Corn and Black Bean Salsa) - This requires no cooking, so you can just mix the ingredients together, grab a bag of chips, and enjoy!

3.) Caprese Salad - simple, easy, delicious!

4.) Beet and Arugula Salad - another simple and tasty dish that you can enjoy for lunch or dinner.  Pre cook some chicken and toss it in to add a little extra protein.

5.) S'mores Hot Chocolate! Okay, so if you lose power, this may be tricky, but you can get creative and use a kitchen torch (if you have one), or if you are lucky and have one - a wood burning stove or fireplace!

Enjoy these few recipes and most importantly, stay safe! And maybe throw in some laundry and do your dishes before the storm hits.  No one likes a stinky house!

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