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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day 2015! Top 5 Pie Recipes to Celebrate!

For all of you math lovers out there - Happy Pi Day! Since this is a special and unique Pi Day that will not happen for another 100 years, celebrate with your favorite pie or one of my favorites below!

1.) Blueberry Crostata.  This is basically an open faced pie with a fancy Italian name for it's rustic look and buttery crust! An absolute favorite in our household!

2.) Apple Crostata

3.) Blueberry Pie (we are all about blueberries with spring and warm weather on the way)!

4.) Chocolate Ganache Tart.  Okay, it's technically a tart, but it has a filling and a crust, and it's chocolate!

5.) Apple Pie.  Nothing is more classic than a homemade apple pie, right!? Apologies for the awful picture - it is from one of my very first posts! So it really is a true classic!

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