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Thursday, June 26, 2014

I'm Back!

Okay, so it has been a LONG time since I last posted.  I have no excuse! Life can definitely get in the way, but I should and will find time to write again!

I have new recipes in the works, but for now, let me hold you over with some pictures and updates from the last year...

As you all may recall, the last time I posted I was recently married.  Now, we are a year and a half in!

So what have we been up to during that time? Well, let me show you..

We have been quite active in that time - everything from changing jobs, moving (twice), and running A LOT of road races! I actually ran my first half marathon too...

Excuse the hair.  Not only was it my first half marathon and road race ever, but it rained and hailed.  Ah New England!

We even suckered my 13 year-old brother and sister into running a Thanksgiving 5k! Sweet hats, right? 

Did I mention we ran A LOT?

At least we got free beer and these "will run for beer" jackets!

 David also surprised me on my birthday with tickets to see Styx in concert! Yes, I LOVE Styx, and they were amazing live! 

We also ate the top tier of this bad boy (credit to Jacques Pastries in New Hampshire).  Our wedding cake was so yummy and delicious, and I am happy to report, that the frozen top tier was not that bad! 

We then rocked out in our annual homemade ugly Christmas Sweaters

It had also been awhile since our last vacation, so the hubs and I decided to take a nice relaxing beach vacation in Jamaica! Amazing! Highly recommend going there! Of course, it is honestly sad to see what some parts of Jamaica are really like when you step off of the resort, but nonetheless, the environment and the locals are so amazing! They have some great food too! Mmm... and fresh papaya like you wouldn't believe!

David took ONE five minute sailing lesson and then they sent us off on our own! After drifting out and almost flipping over, we made it back.  And had a drink!

I was also fortunate enough to have my job pay for me to go to a conference in California, where I was able to stand front row at a Michael Franti concert and MEET Michael Franti himself! We even went to a taping of the Conan O'Brien show where I got to sit next to Andy! It was definitely an amazing trip.  I am still pinching myself.. 

Hard to see, but that is me on stage with Michael Franti!!!

Just hangin' with my bff, Adam Sandler

Did I also mention that we moved, twice, within 5 months!? How did I survive all of the crazy change and travel of the year? With a lot of vino!

My savior!

That is my year in review! I promise to be back soon with more yummy recipes!

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