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Monday, November 7, 2011

Privateer Rum Distillery

A couple of weeks ago, thanks to PMG Public Relations, Dave and I were invited to a private tour and tasting of the Privateer Rum Distillery in Ipswich, MA.  Being a fan of all things rum, I was definitely excited to learn that Privateer's distillery was only about a 30-minute drive from my home! Now who would not love that!?

Aside from my love of anything rum, the owners of Privateer stole my heart prior to me even meeting them.  How did they accomplish this? Well, they apparently love history just as much as I do! Once I saw the name and logo I knew there had to be a historical story behind it, and there is! Privateers during the American Revolution were both patriots and entrepreneurs, and Andrew Cabot was one of the most successful. To read more about Andrew Cabot and his rum, click here.

I know not everyone is as much as a fan of history as I am, so rather than bore you with more stories, I'll get back to the rum! Although it is not too common to sip on straight rum, I really appreciated how the distillers allowed us to try other rums to then compare them to Privateer (see photos below).  Now, I still prefer adding rum to a drink rather than having it straight, but let me tell you, the difference in taste was astounding! I could barely get the other rums back, but the Privateer rum was so smooth and went back so gently.  I did not get the typical burn in the throat that the other rums normally give, and the natural flavors that came out in the rum, specifically the anise, I absolutely loved!

Since we were so impressed with just how smooth the rum was, we of course had to sample all of the different cocktails that they were serving up! The picture below is hard to make out, but the Great Pumpkin and the William Tell were my top two favorite drinks! They just perfectly captured fall in a glass!

While we were sipping on our delicious cocktails, we were able to walk around, learn about the factory, and mingle with other great Boston area bloggers.  

Oh, and did I mention the food!? Two wonderful ladies served us during our visit and the food items included: Cherrystone clams, clam chowder, lobster rolls, and Italian sausages.  Dave and I could not get enough of the mini lobster rolls - they were so delicious! 

The absolute best part though, was dessert! They served us apple-caramel cider doughnuts that they warmed on a grill, which brought out the flavors so beautifully! Then, they topped the doughnuts off with a maple whipped cream! Lets just say that I ate way to many of them and had to force myself to go on a 4-mile run the following day! 

David enjoying doughnut number 3! 

For more information on Privateer Rum, visit there website here: http://www.privateerrum.com/main.php
For more information on where to buy/find Privateer rum, visit here: http://www.privateerrum.com/find_us.php

Thanks again to the wonderful people at Privateer Rum for allowing us to mingle with you for a day! It was a truly wonderful experience and I am officially a Privateer girl! I cannot wait to start concocting my own drinks with your product! 

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  1. Interesting! And those donuts sound fascinating - apple cider? Yumm.

  2. What a fun tour! The food sounds amazing...and their rum must be fabulous~

  3. What a great experience and I have not tried rum by itself and like you have mentioned, always mixed into drinks. Hopefully I can try the one like you did to get a feel on it without being mixed.

  4. Apple cider in the doughnuts? Was waiting for rum baba doughnuts ;-) They sound wonderful - not to mention that rumazing tour, you lucky things!

  5. Nothing like a private tour and tasting... how fun is that! especially mixed in with historical significance. I too love exploring similar contextual themes. Love the photo of the donut at the end ;0

  6. All that food and cocktails sound delicious! I am still on the hunt for a good rum down here... I just can't get Cuban rum out of my head... nothing I try can compare to it... but it is hard to come by here... it was easier to find it in Italy! SIGH!!!!!!

  7. What a fabulous tour! I wish I could have joined you :-) Thank you for sharing such a lovely post. And thank you for your kind words on my own blog. They meant so much! Blessings as the week unfolds.

  8. My husband loves a rum and coke during football games. I'll have to look for this brand the next time I shop.

  9. The slow growth of the local spirits industry is interesting and exciting to see. As the cradle of the New World spirits history it is especially nice to see rum instillation back in MA.

    Being a history lover I hope you've read about the molasses flood in Boston in the early 20th century. RumBa in the Intercontinental is also a great place to find some rums not easily found elsewhere locally.



  10. Very cool! I have a hard time drinking straight up anything.. haha. But I'll have to look for it next time I'm in a rum mood! The pumpkin drink (from the pic) sounds interesting too! And those donuts sound amazing!