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Friday, May 20, 2011

Dukan Diet Play by Play Continued...

As most of you know, I started the Dukan Diet this past week.  I wrote a post with all of the information on the diet and what the first few days were like: Dukan Diet Phase 1

So now, I am onto Phase 2 - the "Cruise Phase."  That means that I can now eat vegetables again! Technically though, during this phase I am supposed to rotate between pure protein days and pure protein plus veggie days.  Now, for the cruise phase, it is technically supposed to last 3 days for every pound that you want to lose.  However, if you reach your target weight before those days are up, you can move onto the next phase... so we'll see what happens...

Cruise Phase

Day 1:
For breakfast I had the usual, an egg white omelet with ham and black coffee.  Today, lunch consisted of the dukan galette (see Dukan Phase 1 for recipe), yogurt, and a salad! It was so nice to have a green again! For dinner, salmon teriyaki with a side salad and green beans! This diet is definitely getting easier as I go along, BUT, my sweet tooth has definitely been tempted several times! There are so many mouth watering recipes being posted all over FoodBuzz that it is hard to resist, but I decided to keep a list of all the recipes I love and save them for the day I finish this diet! That day will be a very fattening day for me! :)

Oh, and I am 4.5 pounds lighter after only 5 days!

Day 2:
Today was a pure protein day (since I am rotating each day during the cruise phase) so my breakfast consisted of an omelet and for lunch I ate some chicken and oatmeal.  For dinner I made mussels in a white wine sauce with a mini filet mignon.  And for dessert, I had cheesecake! Yes, cheesecake! I discovered that Dukan has a cheesecake cupcake recipe that is healthy for me to eat! I will post the recipe asap, I just need to get some photos!

Day 3:
Today was a protein/veggie day, so for breakfast I still had an omelet and oatmeal, but for lunch I had a salad with chicken.  Dinner consisted of steak tips with green beans.  For dessert, a coffee shake! Again, I will post the recipe asap.  I am getting so excited now that I have found recipes off of the Dukan site and facebook site  to help make this diet easier.  I did not realize how many desserts there were... and not only are they pretty darn good, they are fat freakin free!!! This diet is much better for me now! :)

I have not weighed myself in a few days and do not plan on weighing myself until the end of the week.  During the cruise phase you usually only lose 1-2 lbs a week on average, so I don't want to obsess over the scale and get worried.

Day 4:
Since it was a pure protein day, I had an omelet for breakfast, yogurt, oat bran pancake, and chicken slices for lunch, and chicken and shrimp for dinner.  Oh, and of course I had a coffee shake for dessert!

Day 5:
Today was a protein/veggie day, so I had my oat bran oatmeal for breakfast, a salad with chicken for lunch, and steak and broccoli for dinner.  I was actually extremely full so no dessert tonight!

Oh, and I'm down 9 pounds!!!!! :)

Day 6:
For breakfast I had eggs with ham and coffee.  Lunch was chicken and yogurt, and dinner consisted of baked salmon.  And of course I had to have dessert, which was a coffee shake.

Day 7:
Oat meal for breakfast, chicken and broccli for lunch, and hamburger and salad for dinner.  This diet is definitely getting more easier as time goes on, and I honestly feel really good.  I know that was not heavy before, but eating better in general just feels great! And of course those pounds I've shed feel good too! :)

Day 8:
Omelet and oat bran pancake for breakfast, chicken and yogurt for lunch, and lobster and filet for dinner!

Day 9:
Oatmeal for breakfast, chicken marsala with veggies for lunch, and steak, veggies, and salad for dinner.

Day 10:
Okay, so today I may have cheated a bit... I knew this day would come! My friend who I had not seen in about a year was in town and wanted to go out for drinks! So, I only had two drinks, but I still felt so guilty! Today was technically a pure protein day and tomorrow is supposed to be a protein/veggie day, but since I cheated today, tomorrow I will do another pure protein day.  The Dukan book talks about how it is okay to screw up, as long as it is not constant and as long as you go back to where you were.

Since I cheated I am going to wait a few more days until I weigh myself again.  As of a few days ago I was 9 pounds down, and I do think I have lost a couple more pounds, but we'll see....

Day 11:
Since I cheated yesterday, I decided to do a pure protein day! Omelet, oatmeal, and chicken and shrimp for dinner!

Day 12:
I did a protein/veggie day today.  For breakfast I had an omelet with ham, for lunch I had the oat bran oatmeal and a salad with chicken, and for dinner I had steak tips with green beans.  This time for dessert I tried a chocolate custard cream, which wasn't so bad! Again, I'll be posting this recipe along with the others soon.

I also weighed myself, and I am about 11 pounds down.  That's not too bad considering I cheated a little this weekend! I'm getting very close to my target weight... I really cannot wait to start incorporating fruit and bread again (in limited amounts of course)!

Day 13:
Today was a pure protein day, so for breakfast I had an egg white omelet with ham and for lunch I had oat bran oatmeal.  For dinner I made vietnamese beef with tofu marinated in soy sauce.

Day 14:
For breakfast I had oatmeal and for lunch I had a protein shake with a salad.  For dinner I made salmon with broccoli.

Hopefully I will only have a few more weeks on this diet! I am going to try hard not to check my weight until Monday so I can see where my progress is at!

Day 15:
Another pure protein day... Omelet for breakfast, chicken and oatmeal for lunch, and steak and shrimp for dinner!

Day 16:
Omelet and oatmeal for breakfast, microwave "smart ones" meal for lunch, and swordfish and veggies for dinner.  I also made a "Dukan Floating Island" for dessert. Basically, it is a vanilla cream with meringue - not bad!

Day 17:
Pure protein days are getting pretty tough.  I'm starting to get sick of my meals :(.  Thankfully I am almost there though...

For breakfast I had the usual, and omelet.  For lunch I had oatmeal and chicken.  Dinner consisted of swordfish again (it was on sale and I love swordfish so why not two nights in a row!!??) with a mini filet.

Day 18:
I was going to weigh myself today because I was feeling pretty good and I am definitely noticing quite the difference! My abs are coming back! I'm so pumped about this! Anyway, I ended up getting called into work early so I had to rish out the door and forgot to check my progress...oh well. 

Since today is a protein/veggie day, I had oatmeal for breakfast, a salad with chicken for lunch, and steak tips with green beans for dinner.

Day 19:
Omelet and protein shake for dinner, oat bran and yogurt for lunch, and chicken and shrimp for dinner.

Day 20:
oat bran oatmeal for breakfast, protein shake for a snack, salad with chicken for lunch, and salmon and asparagus for dinner.  I also made some more coffee cream for dessert!

Day 21:
Omelet with ham and coffee for breakfast, honey chicken for lunch, yogurt for a snack, and steak and swordfish for dinner.

Day 22:
Today I knew I would be cheating.  I have known for awhile that this day would come.  My friends and I have been planning a Harry Potter movie marathon and I was in charge of baking treats from the films... so of course I had to sample! I at steak and kidney pie, pork pie, butterbeer cupcakes, treacle fudge, pumpkin pasties, and I even drank butterbeer!! Mmmm.... it was worth cheating!

Even though I cheated, I am still down 15 pounds!!! I'll wait another week at least before weighing myself again since I'm sure my weight loss may slow a bit after all of those sweets! What can I say? The British know what they are doing! :)

Day 23:
I've been feeling a little off today and was not really that hungry.  I still had an egg white omelet for breakfast and oatbran for lunch, but I only picked at some meat for dinner.

Day 24:
I'm feeling a little better today, so I was able to eat a bit more.  I had oatbran oatmeal for breakfast, chicken marsala (from smart ones) for lunch, and a plain hamburger with salad for dinner.  I haven't been able to work out these past two days since I have been feeling ill, but I plan on starting back up again tomorrow with my yoga and running.

Day 25:
I had a protein shake for breakfast, chicken and oat bran for lunch, and chicken and shrimp for dinner.  I was able to do some yoga again this morning too thankfully.  Where I have been feeling off this week I definitely feel like I have hit a plateau and am afraid to check my weight for awhile.

Day 26:
Protein shake for breakfast, salad for lunch, oatmeal for a snack, and steak and green beans for dinner.  I also had some coffee cream for dessert.

Day 27:
Egg white omelet with ham for breakfast, oat bran pancake for lunch with greek yogurt, and steak, scallops, and clams for dinner.

Day 28:
Protein shake for breakfast, smart ones chicken marsala meal for lunch, and salmon with asparagus for dinner.  I also had another coffee cream for dessert!

Day 29:
Today I had a cake order to finish, so I cheated slightly... I had to take a sample of the frosting and cake for myself to make sure everything was just right! :) For breakfast though, I had oatmeal, and for lunch I had chicken.  Aside from the dessert sampling, I had a lobster for dinner. I'm so glad summer is here with wonderful seafood!

Day 30:
Coffee with omelet for breakfast and a smart ones chicken marsala meal for lunch.  For dinner, my boyfriend and I went out to eat, and rather than cheating, I did very very well! They had a swordfish special on their menu with crab meat and lobster meat on top served with vegetables.  I just had to tell them to not bother providing me with a starch.  It was delicious!!!

Day 31:
Today we had a cookout.  I was nervous that I would cheat again, but I didn't.  I just made sure to eat the meats and burger without cheese.  Pat on the back for me!

Day 32:
Since today was a protein/veggie day, I had oatmeal for breakfast, salad with chicken for lunch, and steak tips and green beans for dinner. I cannot believe I am 32 days into this (actually, I am 36 days into this counting the 4 days of the Attack Phase).  Depending on how my weight is at the end of the week, I may move onto to the next phase where I can start to incorporate more carbs again.  If not, I will wait until next week.  I am definitely noticing a difference though and I am so pumped to be getting my abs back!

Day 33:
For breakfast I had a protein shake, lunch I had an oat bran pancake and chicken, and for dinner I had lemon pepper chicken with shrimp.

Day 34:
For breakfast I had an egg white omelet, for lunch I had oatmeal, and for dinner I had steak tips with green beans.

Day 35:
For breakfast I had an omelet, and for lunch I had an oat bran pancake.  I had orientation for school today so I didn't have much time to eat, but surprisingly was not starving since I've been so used to eating less on this diet.  For dinner, I made burgers and sausages.

Day 36:
Initially today was going to be my last day on the cruise phase, but I have decided to go one more week! I am down to 121/122 pounds.  I am so pumped but I want to make sure I maintain that.  I know the next phase deals with maintaining weight, but one more week on the cruise phase won't be bad since on average, you only lose 1 to 2 lbs a week during the cruise phase.  So next week, I will hopefully be a solid 120 and will be moving into the next phase and can introduce carbs again!

For today though, I had an omelet and oatbran oatmeal for breakfast, chicken marsala for lunch, and swordfish with asparagus for dinner! Pin It


  1. I ran into this website today and thought of you... http://www.thenobullshitdiet.com/ LOL! :) Isn't that hilarious?! I always do the 1500 calories/day when I need to lose 5 to 10 pounds.

  2. hahaha I love it! My problem is I get too lazy paying attention to calories... and then I just end up eating too much or starving myself! lol

  3. You know, I've heard of this diet but never tried it. Who am I kidding? I avoid diets so hearing how you get on is FAR better ;-) I admire your courage. Sounds fascinating. Bravo - so far this sounds fabulous!

  4. I'm enjoying following your progress on this diet. Sounds really tough (especially for a vegetarian like me!) but it sounds like you're doing a geat job. Keep it up...we're cheering for you!

  5. Wow, you must be so thrilled with the 9 pound weight loss...probably makes it easier to continue. I just need to stop sampling everything I bake ;)

  6. So, my question is, can you eat vegetarian and get your protein from Tofu, tempeh or legumes? I would crave chick peas instead of animal protein. I like that this diet is a lifestyle change. Congrats on your success! here's the motto I live by: DIET means temporary. Seems like you are on your way to including great habits! Keep it up!

  7. Hi, you can have tofu and the like. In his book he gets very detailed about that stuff and his website: www.dukandiet.com has an faq page. I know what you mean when you say diet means temporary, that is why I have never dieted before in my life! What turned me on to this diet though, was the fact that each stage allows you to add more, and the consolidation phase is where you actually learn to keep the weight off permanently by reintroducing some other foods you may normally eat, but by continuing the use of oat bran, water, and devoting one day a week to pure protein. Plus, I have actually learned a lot more useful tips for just staying healthy overall that are great!

  8. -15 lbs?! YAAAY!! That is awesome!!

  9. Well done! Really interesting to follow your progress Elyse.

    I'm currently on the 'blogger diet' - you must test and taste everything several times before posting. I've gained 9 pounds :(

  10. hahaha I love that! The blogger diet! :) That's what I was on before this diet lol.

  11. Could you post some of your dessert recipes? I am down to 2lbs in the Cruise phase and can't seem to shed them. Sooo frustrating. It makes the bad foods that I know are sooo close seem so much further away. I am not cheating. But I finally lost a half a pound, to gain it back on a PV day. Seems like I'm losing about .5 lbs per week now. Any suggestions?

  12. hi! i think u really enjoy your meal...so glad to know that :) im in 2nd week of cruise but already cheating...thats why my wight isn't move from 70kg~ after read your daily meal i think i know what i should eat....:) do you add salt or soy sauce in your meal?