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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Foodbuzz 24x24: A Stay at Home B&B

I was so excited to be selected for this months Foodbuzz 24x24 because it was a meal that I had been planning on doing for a long time.  As you all know, I have been working towards my Masters degree and have been pretty crazy busy this past year.  As a result, I have not been able to be as active in the kitchen as I normally like to be.  Therefore, as a treat to myself and my future hubby, I decided to make one heck of a breakfast to celebrate the close of the semester.

Breakfast is by far our favorite meal of the day and we always love stuffing our faces with all of the delicious carbs, especially when we go away and stay at a B&B.  B&B's always make the best breakfasts (otherwise their name would be kind of ironic) and there is just nothing better then waking up and going downstairs to the wonderful aroma of breakfast items being made.  However, since I have been so busy studying and writing all of my final papers, David and I did not have time to actually go away to a B&B.  Therefore, since we could not leave home, I decided to bring the B&B to us! Hence, the theme of my foodbuzz 24x24 post - a stay at home B&B!

I had such a fun time being back in the kitchen baking and cooking up a storm, so I hope you all enjoy looking at the food as much as I enjoyed splurging and eating it!

First up on the B&B list: Scones

Next, mini breakfast quiches (David's favorite)!

Homemade buttermilk waffles (something I always order when a B&B offers them)

Simple, yet delicious, golden french toast!

I had so much fun making this meal happen and it felt so good to be back in kitchen again.  This was definitely a great (and filling) way to finish up the semester! The 

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